Gemma adopted!

Flash adopted!

Caramel  adopted!

Kashi adopted!

Kahlua adopted!

Noelle will live out her life safe and loved with Lisa and Loren!

Grizzly with his new mommy! Guess who?

Cutie P’Tootie with her new family!

Dee Dee adopted!

Our senior gal Kia got a home!

Joey adopted!

Baloo adopted!

Lucky adopted!

Violet adopted!

Snow adopted!

Bea adopted!

Juno adopted!

Diamond our senior girl was adopted by: Cathy, Mark & Rufus

Baby Corey! Tiffany, Aiden & Phoenix

Bali adopted!

Jay adopted!

Lil Joe adopted!

Paris adopted!

Hachi adopted!

Raven adopted!

Oreo adopted!

Goliath adopted!

Alaska adopted!

Takara adopted!

Sam adopted!

Ranger adopted!


***If we are missing your photo, please let us know and we will post it here. We also love new photos, videos, and updates! Thank you for adopting an Akita!

Pongo adopted!

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Jerry Lee adopted!

Egypt adopted!

Draco adopted!

Elliot adopted!

Miss Tee adopted!

Moo Moo adopted!

Bruno adopted!

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Mike adopted!

Kodo adopted!

Grendel adopted!

Brooklyn adopted!

Brooke adopted!

Hachi adopted!

Casey adopted!

Ume adopted!

Elvis adopted!

Pierre adopted!

Buddy adopted!

Zeus adopted!

Rocky adopted!

Baby Mitsu adopted!

Bowser adopted!

Mai Tai adopted!

Londie adopted!

Takei adopted!

Kiyo adopted!

Falkor adopted!

Bob adopted!

Coco adopted!

Darla adopted!

Snoopy Girl adopted!

Sushi adopted!

Kylee adopted!

Maya adopted!

Osamu adopted!

Nick adopted!

Elvis adopted!

Nikko adopted!

Akina adopted!

Missouri adopted!

Snoopy Boy adopted!

Buddah adopted!

Woody adopted!

Mishu adopted!

Nikita adopted!

Buddy adopted!

Kobi adopted!

Kanji and Emiko adopted!

Phoenix adopted!

Winter Belle adopted!

Chika Adopted!

Dashico adopted!

Kahlua adopted!

Kaeko adopted!

Star adopted!

Duke adopted!

Gage adopted!

Asami adopted!

Tiki adopted!

Hachi Bear adopted!

Jamaica adopted!

Rocky adopted!

Raven adopted!

Kinnaki adopted!

Simba adopted!

Maki adopted!

Meesha adopted!

Hana adopted!

Samurai adopted!

Tsunami adopted!

Samurai adopted!

Dewey adopted!

Esther adopted!

Coco adopted!

Sumo adopted!

Ben adopted!

Flash adopted!

Harley adopted!

Kiara adopted!

Big D adopted!

Missi adopted!

Maxx adopted!

Ellie May adopted!

Cassie adopted!

Luna adopted!

Ellie May adopted!

Bristol adopted!

Kuma adopted!

Bella adopted!

Pinto adopted!

MJ adopted!

Sheena adopted!

Tai adopted!

Sheba adopted!

Rainey adopted!

Biggie adopted!

Kong adopted!

Coco-Puff adopted!

Kiko & Kato adopted!

Billy adopted!

Kathy adopted!

Tanner adopted!

Jenny adopted!

Kaito adopted!

Kina adopted!

Ted E. Bear adopted!

Yoshi adopted!

Nikki adopted!

Yuki adopted!

Bandito adopted!

Kaito adopted!

Harley adopted!

Kit adopted!

McGuire adopted!

Mia adopted!

Noelle adopted!

Smokey adopted!

Mystic adopted!

Noelle adopted!


Mystic adopted!

Sequoia adopted!

Gage adopted!

Jewel adopted!

June adopted!

Diamond adopted!

Teddy adopted!

Bella adopted!

Edge adopted!

Prince adopted!

Trinity adopted!

Wilson adopted!

Tora adopted!

Chief adopted!

Nikki adopted!

Kimi adopted!

Panda adopted!

Bonsai adopted!

Red Boy adopted!

Cinder adopted!

Jefferson adopted!

Trenton adopted!

Bear Bear adopted!

Oscar adopted!

Gracie adopted!

Willow adopted!

Gracie adopted!

Kuma adopted!

Lenny adopted!

Louie adopted!