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This page is dedicated to special Akita heroes. These Akitas are difference makers in the world. Do you know of a special Akita star who should appear on this page? Let us know! It’s time to tell the world about some of the amazing Akitas out there.


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B.E.A.R.'s first adoption story of 2013 happened in early January for a very special Akita girl named Kahula and her blind owner Frank. Kahlua came to BEAR all the way from sunny Santa Rosa, CA in November 2012. Passed up by closer rescues due to her age, Kahlua was taken into BEAR after she was going to be euthanized due to overcrowding in the shelter and no other options could be found. At that time Lauren Sevrin stepped up to sponsor Kahlua, so she could be kept safe in boarding in hopes that local help could be found - sadly it was not. Evaluated by a trusted and respected Akita person by the name of Theresa Manchester, Kahlua passed her evaluation with flying colors. Next a flight was put into place by a long time Akita owner, lover, and pilot. Kahlua was then flown to us in NJ.

After a few weeks, we realized Kahlua had a special gift that stood out. It was shortly after Christmas when we got a call from Robin, a trainer who specializes in service dogs for the blind, asking us if we had an Akita in our rescue program that could be trained as a service dog for a blind man named Frank who recently lost his service Akita. We felt our Kahlua would be the one. After evaluations, Kahlua and Frank met and it was a done deal!

Kahlua is BEAR’s very first rescued Akita service dog. Her new owner Frank has his own TV and radio show called “Innersight” where he advocates to raise awareness for disabled Americans. Kahlua will always be by Frank’s side, whether on TV or on the radio, and wherever they go, being sure Frank is always safe, guided, and loved. Today I saw a blind man shed tears as an Akita he never met before went right over to him, licked his hands, leaned into him with her entire body, and looked up as if to say "it's going to be all right, I am here for you now." I looked at Kahlua and thought, "and you special girl were almost killed because of your age, but that was just not meant to be. There were way bigger plans for you, and now we both know why!" :)

Kahlua is now known as Windsong and will become a certified service dog in March 2013.


Windsong assisting Frank to the bus.

Windsong and Frank leaving the TV studio after recording

Windsong, you are amazing!

Frank and Windsong