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<h1>Hurricane Sandy</h1>

November 5, 2012

Thank you to the clean up crew & the team of helpers!!! Catherine Guglielmo, Valerie Munz, Mike O'Neill, Tiffany Patch, Heather Holland Bearz, Dr Rebecca Kestle, Ann Timmons, Jeffrey Clements, Toni Forshey, The Akita Club of America & its members, my fellow sister Akita rescue groups, their volunteers, board members, my family, friends, my vets, my fellow animal rescuers, adopters, fosters, The NYC Mayors Alliance, PACCT, NYC Mayors Alliance Transport Team & Drivers, Pet Valu, Best Friends, my local Red Cross, our National Guard and local disaster workers. The donations of brand new kundera beds, crate liners, bleach, towels, blankets, food, bottled water, toys, treats, OMG! A new generator that will be shared when needed with my sister Akita rescue groups if a disaster of this size should ever happen in the future. If we missed anyone, please know the Akitas & my family are forever grateful for your loyalty, generosity & deep compassion when it was needed most. Now we move into the next phase of rebuilding BEAR so that we can still be there to help the many dogs who may lose their homes after the hurricane. I fear the next storm of homeless Akitas will soon be here soon. Much love to you all...  Jo & The BEAR Akitas

November 1, 2012

The water in the streets has receded. Volunteers have been able to bring in cleaning supplies, dog food, water, blankets, towels, and paper towels. The storm left the kennel runs intact and now those have been pressure washed and the Akitas have been moved back into the runs. At this time, the house is safe to stay in and we are optimistic that the damage will be covered by insurance. There is still a long way to go, and we thank you all for your support. The donations and supplies are very much needed and appreciated.

October 31, 2012 update:

The power is back on! The clean-up has begun. Driving access to the area is still restricted. Team BEAR and the Akitas are ok.

Please continue to donate via our PayPal account and coordinate with Carol Money of ARSF about sending in supplies and volunteering. Please stay tuned for more updates.

Thank you! Happy Halloween!

October 30, 2012 update:

BEAR has been hit hard by Hurricane Sandy. At this time we are still waiting to evacuate several dogs to a safe boarding place when the floodwaters recede. Currently the street and the Akita kennels are 4-feet deep in salt water. Jo’s family and 12 Akitas have taken refuge on the 2nd floor of their house. For now, they are fine, the dogs are fine, and they are all just waiting with no power as the National Guard moves in to Toms River.

The Akita Rescue Society of Florida (ARSF) will be arriving in NJ soon with a van, a generator, food, water, blankets, and other supplies - thank you, Dorie!  Thank you to ARWNY for the huge crate donation, it saved the Akitas’ lives.

We are so touched by the generous outpouring of support that everyone has offered. For now the most helpful thing you can do is to donate via our PayPal account and to spread the word. If you have supplies you’d like to donate, please contact Carol Money of ARSF who will coordinate getting those items into the van coming our way.

We will have a lot of assessing and rebuilding to do once the flooding is over. We are thankful to be ok.

We set up 12 Akitas in crates on the 2nd floor as 4 feet of water rose into the street and 1st floor.

Our street in Toms River, NJ.

The saltwater destroyed the engines of our cars.

Our vet’s clinic :(

National Guard flying over

Clean-up with volunteers!

Generously donated supplies!

Thank you, supporters!

Thank you for bringing supplies, friends!