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We have some special lifetime residents here at BEAR, due to their advanced age combined with special healthcare needs. These Akitas will be loved and cared for here throughout their days.

Sponsorships are available to support their care.


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HOW TO SPONSOR: In PayPal, enter your contribution and note in the Comments section the name of the BEAR dog you’d like to sponsor, along with any information you’d like us to include on our website.


Kita was picked up as a stray in NYC. She is a big beautiful senior girl.


Suto's story is a sad one. Once she was loved by her owners, she had a home and all any dog could ever want. The time had come when one of her owners could no longer care for themselves and had to move in with a relative, leaving Suto with her son, so that he would have her companionship as the son also had some mental health challenges he faced and Suto would be a comfort for him. Suto and the son lived in the home and all seemed to be going well until hurricane Sandy hit. Things went downhill, their home was unfit to live in now, and being there was nowhere else to go, Suto and her owner lived in the home without heat, water or electricity for the next 7 months. Having only a disability check to survive on things soon became dire. Suto's owner had to be taken to the hospital and had suffered an emotional breakdown. This left Suto in the home alone for several days.

Finally a relative was contacted and came to the home to take care of things. Suto was happy to see help arrive, but little did she know this relative had plans for Suto that nearly caused her to be killed. You see the relative put Suto into her car and drove her over to the Huntington Animal Shelter, NY and left her there. Once there, Suto now age 8 was terrified, the staff had tried to test Suto with a plastic hand to see if she was food aggressive (Can you believe this after the dog was alone without water and food for a few days!). Suto did not do well at all, and she was set to be euthanized in two days, this was all because no one took the time to help Suto and call a rescue or take her in as a family member. If it were not for the help of Suto's long time neighbor Sharon and Mr. Marino this poor girl would have been euthanized.

Suto lost everything, she lost her owner, lost her home, lost the man who cared for her, and now she was going to lose her life. Well that did not happen, and we can only thank a wonderful neighbor that reached out for help at the right time. Suto is now safe in rescue.


Hi my name is Bruno, I am a handsome adult male Akita who was found wandering alone in eastern PA and taken to the local shelter. While at the shelter the staff noticed that I could not hear. Despite my handicap I am still a very happy boy who walks like a dream on leash, has beautiful house manners, and knows some hand signals.