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Princess & Zeke

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Zeke and Princess came in from an upstate NY animal shelter. Zeke and Princess are bonded to each other and will be adopted out together. They are both very human-social, well behaved house dogs with impeccable manners. How did they end up in a shelter you ask? Well their owner allowed them to run loose which was very irresponsible. Both dogs were picked up by animal control and taken to the shelter. When the shelter tried to return the dogs to the owner they learned that the owner moved away without a forwarding address, basically abandoning the dogs. 

Both Zeke and Princess can go to an adult Akita-experienced home where there is a secured, fenced yard. No other pets please, as these two do have a high prey drive.

If you're interested in this pair, please fill out the

Big East Akita Rescue adoption application. There is only one adoption fee, being that they are bonded.


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